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On this site, you will find resources and suggestions of ways to help tween and teen girls in their struggle against media's misrepresentation and objectification of women that often lead to obsessions and addictions.  

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Today's teenage girls need help and support like never before to develop inner strength and actualized personality, so they can grow up to be resilient and self-confident women.

The key solution for adolescent girls to become productive members of society is to allow them to establish a deeply rooted sense of self that does not depend on skin color, weight or age and is not influenced by media and peer pressure.  

Most of the responsibility in doing so lays on the shoulders of the mothers who must create a supportive and loving environment at home, improve the generational bond and nurture the girls’ faith in themselves and their inner strength.  Secondly, it depends on refocusing society’s priorities – minimize sexualization and passivity of women in the media and maximize engagement.

    Dig into yourself...

    Go into yourself and find out

    how deep is the place from which

    your life springs;

    at its source you will find

    the answer to your guestion...  

Rainer Maria Rilke


Instead of promoting leadership and growth, media consumption by teenage girls typically results in weakness and superficiality.  An average American girl has seen 78,000 commercials by the age of 12.  The typical teenage girl’s media consumption is 10 hours and 45 minutes a day, which is most of her waking hours!   The key messages to girls promote the significance of their appearance and the importance of looking thin.  

As a consequence, alarming statistics show that 3 out of 4 girls feel depressed and suffer from inadequate body image, a majority of girls wish they were skinnier, and 31% admit to starving themselves to lose weight. 


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